15V AC Power Charging Cord for Philips-Norelco-HQ8505 6070 6071 6090 7310 Norelco 7000 5000 3000 Series Electric Shaver Razor, Aquatec, Arcitec, Multigroom Beard Trimmer Replacement Power Supply

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HQ8505 Adapter compatible with below models:

    HQ series:

    HQ40 HQ560 HQ568 HQ586 HQ6070 HQ6071 HQ6073 HQ6075 HQ6076 HQ6090 HQ6095 HQ642 HQ662 HQ663 HQ664 HQ665 HQ682 HQ6846 HQ6848 HQ6850 HQ6851 HQ6852 HQ686 HQ6865 HQ6867 HQ6870 HQ6871 HQ6885 HQ6888 HQ6889 HQ6890 HQ6893 HQ6894 HQ7100 HQ7120 HQ7140 HQ7141 HQ7142 HQ7143 HQ7160 HQ7165 HQ7180 HQ7200 HQ7240 HQ7260 HQ7290 HQ7300 HQ7310 HQ7320 HQ7325 HQ7325 HQ7330 HQ7340 HQ7340 HQ7350 HQ7360 HQ7363 HQ7380 HQ7390 HQ7415 HQ7615 HQ7617 HQ7740 HQ7742 HQ7760 HQ7762 HQ7780 HQ7782 HQ7800 HQ7815 HQ7825 HQ7830 HQ7845 HQ7850 HQ7868 HQ7870 HQ7890 HQ8100 HQ8140 HQ8141 HQ8142 HQ8150 HQ8155 HQ8160 HQ8170 HQ8172 HQ8173 HQ8174 HQ8200 HQ8240 HQ8241 HQ8250 HQ8253 HQ8260 HQ8270 HQ8420 HQ8825 HQ885 HQ8865 HQ8885 HQ8888 HQ8894 HQ9020 HQ9070 HQ9080 HQ9090 HQ9100 HQ9140 HQ9160 HQ9170 HQ9190 HQ9199

    PT series:

    PT720 PT721 PT722 PT723 PT724 PT725 PT726 PT728 PT729 PT730 PT731 PT732 PT734 PT735 PT737 PT739 PT761 PT762 PT786 PT798 PT860 PT866 PT868 PT870 PT877 PT878 PT880 PT920 PT927 PT935

    AT series:

    AT750 AT751 AT798 AT800 AT811 AT890 AT891 AT926 AT610 AT620 AT752 AT755 AT757 AT758 AT810

    S5000 S7000 S9000 series :

    S5008 S5010 S5011 S5013 S5015 S5040 S5070 S5077 S5078 S5079 S5080 S5081 S5082 S5090 S5091 S5095 S5100 S5110 S5115 S5170 S5205 S5210 S5211 S5212 S5230 S5270 S5271 S5340 S5370 S5380 S5560 S560 S561 S570 S571 S7310 S7370 S7530 S7720 S7780 S8980 S9031 S9111 S9121 S9151 S9152 S9181 S9182 S9311 S9511 S9512 S9521 S9522 S9711 S9712 S9721 S9731 S9751 S9781 S9800 s9911 S9988 SW9700

    RQ series:

    RQ360 RQ361 RQ370 RQ371 RQ1050 RQ1060 RQ1075 RQ1085 RQ1090 RQ1095 RQ1131 RQ1141 RQ1150 RQ1160 RQ1175 RQ1180 RQ1187 RQ1195 RQ1250 RQ1 258 RQ1260 RQ1275 RQ1280 RQ1286 RQ1290 RQ1295 RQ1296 RQ1297 RQ1131 RQ1251 RQ1258 RQ1070 RQ1080 RQ1160CC RQ1180CC RQ1252 RQ1265 RQ1285 RQ1250CC RQ1260CC RQ1280CC RQ1290CC

    YS series: YS523 YS524 YS526 YS527 YS534 YS536 YS1106 YS1107; 

    HS8 series: HS8020 HS8040 HS8060 HS8420 

    FT series:FT658 

    Special series: 4600;

    Philips Hair Clipper Series:

    QC5115 QC5120 QC5125 QC5130 QC5330 QC5335 QC5360 QC5390 QC5365 QC5530 QC5550 QC5570 QC5580 QT4050 CC5060

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