RC Underwater Drone ROV with 4K UHD Camera for Realtime Streaming Fishing Finder Boat (Used, Like New)

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  • Agile & Maneuverable - Nemo Underwater Robot can dive 100 meters with speed at 2m/s maximum. Nemo's particular patent QAS-balance technology not only achieves conventional floating dive, forward, backward, turn, tilt posture, but also hovering, cruising and pitching in certain depth and other complex postures.
  • UHD 4K/30pfs Recording - Supports up to 4K video and 16 megapixel photography. Video shooting at up to 120 fps and comes with QAS-Balance system that makes it possible to capture high quality dynamic pictures. Rich film setting function, combined with matrix lights and special underwater shooting filter. Nemo ensures perfect underwater shooting experience.
  • Detachable Battery & Aquarobotman APP - Nemo is the first underwater drone that features a quick-charge modular C-Hyperhelix battery. You can see the real-time view on the App installed on your phone or tablet. Just one click, and underwater creatures images can shared to your friends.
  • Thin and Light Streamlined Design - Nemo's streamlined design just weights 3.3kg, which can be easily put into Nemo's exclusive traveling backpack. The ergonomic design is more convenient for boarding and traveling.
  • Underwater Robot Drone for Underwater Photography Search Study Exploring Diving - Suitable for Scuba Diving, Scientific Exploration, Salvage & Rescue, Fishing, Underwater Exploration, Ships Inspection, Yachting, Aquaculture. More, Aquarobotman provides professional after-sale service within 24 hours.


The Nemo underwater drone is equipped with a high resolution 4K UHD camera system and 4 thruster stabilization system, making it capable of shooting real-time, stabilized, and high definition underwater footage. It can travel at up to 2m/s while underwater and can continue to operate underwater for 3 hours
Scientific Exploration
Thousands of unknown underwater creatures exist below deep sea. Nemo underwater drone helps find mysterious miracles underwater, which contributes to more new species catalogue for marine biologists.
Ship Inspection
Commercial fishing boat or private yacht is always bothered by complex seawater erosion. Nemo underwater drone, as a great tool to inspect actual state of hull bottom, is beneficial to ship inspection.
Underwater Photography
Want to explore and record amazing things underwater? Nemo underwater drone gives real-time UHD picture on your phone or tablet. Just enjoy such fantastic underwater films on shore without even getting your foot wet!
Underwater Rescue
Nemo water drone is a good helper to assist rescuers to find crashed ships and trapped divers. Especially when dark and unsure underwater increase difficulty of underwater rescue.
Fishing Buddy
Do you want to accurately locate where the fish is? 4K ultra-stable Nemo underwater drone captures picture of fish swimming and enables your fishing journey easier.
Nemo underwater drone is able to monitor what happens underwater. Fishery industry never worries about fish growth situation any more when such useful assistant check out problems hidden. 
Package Includes
1 X Nemo -64G
1 X Nemo battery
1 X Kevlar zero buoyancy line -100M
1 X Wi-Fi base station
1 X Wi-Fi base station battery
1 X Reel
1 X Nemo backpack


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