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massage gun
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Massage Gun, Quiet Professional Handheld Electric Body Percussion Massager Sports Drill with 4 Heads Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

Massage Gun

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Color - Red

Rated voltage: DC 15V
Rated current: 1A
Net weight: 0.7 kg
Dimensions: 200mm X 57mm X 215mm

✔️【Safety Guaranteed】 Certified by FCC CE PSE CCC RoHS.
✔️【QC 2.0 Quick Charging】This massager supports USB C QC2.0 Quick Charging.
✔️【Three-segment vibration intensity】: select different frequencies and amplitudes as needed.
✔️【4 Replaceable Massage Heads】: Massage heads in different shapes to be used on different muscle groups, and provides targeted treatment for fast recovery; easy and quick to disassemble massage heads in seconds.
✔️【Ergonomics design】: non-slip grip for easier operation.
✔️【Ultra-Long Working Time】: Equipped with rechargeable batteries, last for 5 hours under a full charge. Powerful deep tissue relaxation: Maximum speed: 2800 times/minute.
✔️【Quiet】: 15V brushless motor and high quality bearing to lower the working noise which is quieter than normal conversation and won’t disturb others when using in the office or gym.

Strength: 1st segment: 1800 times/min
2nd segment: 2400 times/min
3rd segment: 2800 times/min

Continuous working time::
1st segment: 3.6 hours
2nd segment: 2.6 hours
3rd segment: 1.8 hours

Battery Capacity: 1800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 2 hours and it supports QC2.0 quick charging.

Packing list:
✔️Massager Gun X 1
✔️USB C Charging Cable X 1
✔️Storage Box X 1
✔️Large Round Head X 1; mainly used for muscle groups such as arms, hips, legs, etc.
✔️U-shaped massage head X1; suitable for the sides of the spine
✔️Air cushion shock absorber head X1; suitable for skin-sensitive muscles or first-time users.
✔️Bullet massage head X1; suitable for deeper muscles, such as tendons and soles.

✔️First, install and press the massage head to the end.
✔️Then turn and clamp.
✔️After inserting the required massage head into the slot at the front end of the massager, rotate one round to lock the message head.
✔️Please make sure the massager was turned off when replacing the heads.
✔️Please make sure the massage head is aligned with the clicked point in the slot during the installation to prevent the U-head from sliding or rotating during operation.
✔️Rotate the knob switch in a clockwise direction, in turn, OFF, 1,2,3 gear. 3rd gear is the maximum one.
✔️After use, turn it counterclockwise to OFF to ensure shutdown for safe storage.

✔️Do not press the massage gun on your or anyone's joints directly.
✔️Do not use it in the same position for more than 3 minutes to avoid muscle damage.
✔️Do not use the massage gun near organs and aorta, such as the neck, chest, abdomen, and armpits.
✔️Do not operate continuously for more than 1 hour, and let the device rest for 30 minutes before re-use.
✔️We recommend users to charge this massage gun for 4 hours before the first use.