Switch Pro Fuzion Wireless Handle Specificity Jet Fighter 2 Handle for Switch Mainframe

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SWITCH Bluetooth Handle Operating Instructions

1, the host's settings

#1To connect the Bluetooth controller, the host's Controller Connection (Bluetooth) option is On, or the Flight Mode is turned off;

#2 Select Controllers->Change Grip/Order on the main page to let the host search for Bluetooth device status. (This operation is not required for back connection)
#3Note: If the host is difficult to pair with the handle, it may be that the host has too many Bluetooth devices connected, you need to manually clear the Bluetooth information (System Setting->Controllers and Sensors->DisConnect Controllers);

2, the handle pairing host

When the handle is off, press and hold the small button next to the TYPE USB for 3 seconds to enter the code status. The 4 LEDs are in the state of fast running light. The channel indicator corresponding to the successful connection is always on. Automatically sleeps if there is no synchronization within 1 minute.

If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the corresponding channel indicator LED is always on (Switch host assignment)

3, the handle back to the host

When the handle is off, press any key to wake up the handle. After being woken up, it will automatically connect to the host that is paired with it. If the connection is unsuccessful in 6 seconds, it will automatically sleep.
After the handle is successfully connected, the handle does not operate, it will enter the sleep state according to the host system sleep setting, the host screen is closed, and the handle automatically sleeps.

4, low voltage alarm

If the voltage of the lithium battery is lower than 3.55V±0.1V, the current channel light flashes quickly and the voltage is low;
If the lithium battery voltage is lower than 3.45V ± 0.1V, it will automatically sleep;

5, the handle test

Key Test: System Setting->Controllers and Sensors->Test Input Devices

3D test: System Setting->Controllers and Sensors->Calibrate Control Sticks

6, RESET test
Press the small button next to TYPE USB to close the handle;

7, the use of distance
The barrier-free operation is about 8-10 meters.










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